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Frozen movie review

Princess Elsa has a gift – the magical power to create with snow and ice out of thin air; but when that power accidentally endangers the life of her only sister Anna, her royal parents train her to suppress the power and conceal it from others.

So begins a life of fear: fear of discovery, fear of losing control, fear of hurting anyone else.

Film Review Frozen ElsaHiding away in the palace become even more difficult when Elsa ascends to take the throne. When another accident occurs, her happy coronation becomes a nightmare, and she flees to live in ice-olation, leaving behind a kingdom shrouded in eternal winter.

Anna loves her sister deeply and is determined to do whatever is necessary to help bring about a thaw in the crisis. Resulting acts of self-sacrifice make it crystal clear who in this movie is filled with true love, and who has a heart of solid ice.


The Broadway quality music steals the show here.  You will be singing the songs for weeks (you probably already are).

Frozen movie review Kristoff and AnnaKudos to Disney for breaking the princess mold.  Instead of the trite “be true to who you are” plot, this movie digs deep into the permafrost to find a bedrock of love for others that far supersedes any “self discovery.”

Disney screenwriters have proven that they can still surprise. One of the characters pulled off such a convincing snow job that I was totally fooled. The sudden change in the character left me feeling cold, though. I guess no one can be that perfect and pure as the driven snow.

Elsa’s transformation is also very sudden as she throws off all restraint, but it is easy to understand her motivation to “let it go” and just leave her troubles behind. Watching her finally realize the surpassing power of love over fear will melt your heart.

5 star Frozen movie reviewNoEndToBooks RATING

5 out of 5 huggable snowmen


Frozen movie review Sven and OlafMy family spent a couple of days away from home in a log cabin in the snow-laden Adirondacks, and this movie was one of our entertainment choices (along with hide and seek, ping pong, and board games).


  • When Elsa sings, “Let It Go,” she is trying to run away from her troubles. Why was that not the right thing for her to do?
  • The Bible says that “there is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear” (1 John 4:18). How do Elsa and Anna learn this?


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Who is your all-time favorite Disney princess?

(I had a whole blizzard of Frozen movie review follow up questions, but that snow way to end a review.)
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