The First Fall (an epic short story)

First Fall Kaylee LeMaster

The First Fall

by Kaylee LeMaster

It was time for war.

His Master, his Creator, was calling him down to fight. To make battle against his own kind. His fellow beings who had served God faithfully.

First Fall Kaylee LeMaster Early Renaissance artist Piero della Francesca completed this painting of Archangel Michael in 1469.Caleb was a Cherub, happily doing whatever the Father commanded him to do. His brown curls rested just above his shoulders, illuminating his brilliant blue eyes. He wore a simple white gown that fell to his feet, tied together at the waist by a single braid of rope. A sword hung from his corded belt.

As the God of all Creation called him, another voice whispered to his heart.

Come to me, Caleb. Join me. Throw off the chains of the One who claims to have made us. We will overthrow Him and all His followers.

Caleb was confused. Who would be rebelling against the Most High God? The Creator watched over all living things and took care of them with His loving hand. Why would anyone even consider-

The sinister whisper cut into his thoughts. I am more powerful than any god. You have seen me. My beauty and power and majesty creates melodies capable of melting the heart. If you follow me, you will become just like me, with powers you could not comprehend. Join me…

Immediately Caleb knew who was speaking. Lucifer. The most beautiful and angelic being of all creation. Angels had stood in quiet awe whenever he walked by. Still, they all worshiped and served God, including Lucifer.

But now he had become corrupt. His beauty betrayed him into thinking that he was more powerful than God Himself. And he called Caleb to join him.

Micah, an angel with whom Caleb often talked with, flew to his side. “Do you hear him?” he asked.

“Yes.” Caleb replied. He turned his attention back to Lucifer.

Lucifer now possessed a deadly talent. Since turning from the God of truth, he could now deceive his fellow angels. Caleb began to see this trick, but Lucifer quickly shrouded him in uncertainty. And for the first time in his angelic life, Caleb came face- to- face with evil.

First Fall Kaylee LeMaster ArchAngel MichaelCome with me and you will have great power, Lucifer tempted, No longer will you be oppressed by the stern hand of the Father. You will be independent under my rule, away from God, free from Him.

Caleb couldn’t think straight. Everything Lucifer had said sounded so good, so right. He began to sink into the web of lies Lucifer had woven for him. It was so tempting…

Suddenly, Caleb hesitated. What was the last thing Lucifer had promised? You will be independent and free from… God?

Caleb recoiled, terrified. Separated from the Father?! He couldn’t even begin to imagine what kind of a torture that would be. Frantically Caleb struggled to free himself. Lucifer hissed and tried to ensnare him deeper into his trap.

But Caleb would not give in. He was battling for his soul.

He had seen the truth. The Father was loving and truthful. The only father Lucifer had become was the father of lies. He had turned from the path of light, and since he had committed the greatest crime of all and could never come back, he was going to try to take as many angels with him as possible.

But the Creator was giving Caleb a choice. He wouldn’t force him to do anything. Either choose to follow God or Lucifer.

And Caleb chose God.

Gritting his teeth, he fought to escape the twisted grimace of the truth. “I… can do everything… through the Father.” Caleb struggled harder. “No!” he shouted, “I will not fall for your lies! I will follow the Father, the Creator, the Almighty God whose fingers stretch across the universe and hold it together in perfect harmony and peace. I HAVE MADE MY CHOICE!!”

With a snarl Lucifer released Caleb from his black cloud of lies. Caleb gasped with relief and victory, until he spotted Micah sinking into the same death trap he had almost been destroyed by.

Frist Fall angel“No!” Caleb knew that he couldn’t interfere with Micah’s choice, but maybe he could help convince him. “Please, no! You have to fight it, Micah!”

Micah’s eyes were glazed. “Fight it?” he asked,“Why? So much power… why would I want to stop?”

Before Caleb could speak, Micah got his answer. He screamed in agony as he was removed from the presence of the Trinity. And behind the scream, there was an echo of a laugh of triumph from Lucifer.

Caleb’s mouth opened in horror as Micah’s features began to warp and twist out of their heavenly appearance into something… demonic, he decided.

A howl of fury escaped Micah’s throat. He blames the Father for what is happening to him, Caleb realized with shock. How could he blame the Almighty for his choice? A cold fury boiled up inside of him, and he seethed with anger. How dare these very creations of God deny Him as their Creator?!

The Father! He was still calling him to fight! At once Caleb responded, rushing to the Father’s side, shaken by what he had just witnessed. Still, the anger remained.

A myriad of angels were joining the Father, while many other soul- sick angels flew to Lucifer’s side.

“You serve me now!” Lucifer hissed at the ever growing hoard of angels. “No longer do you carry messages or admire the Father and Son. We will overthrow Their regime and rule the heavens and cast out the Son and His followers.

“No longer do you have the name which the Father and Son appointed to you. No longer will you be angels, but demons!” He pointed at a demon. “You, Cankerworm! You are a demon spirit! And you, Baal, and Ashtaroth, and Abben, and all you spirits! You are demons and you belong to me!”

First Fall Kaylee LeMaster giordano-michael-defeating-the-fallen-angelsUnearthly shrieks and wails pierced the heavens, taking the breath away of every angel left. It sounded as if the world was ending.


Caleb instinctively bowed at the sound of the Son’s thunderous voice, which in other circumstances would have been soft and kind. Now it was bursting with authority. The Son walked among His faithful angels, eyes blazing with a terrifying inferno, hair white with glory. Power radiated from his body, and He carried seven stars in His right hand.


Caleb understood. They were to fight the newly created demons and cast them out of Heaven. Cut off from the Father, they would live in exile on earth.

Upon seeing the Son, Lucifer screamed in rage, “Attack!!” Every being in heaven drew their swords.

And so the first war in the history of heaven and of earth began.

                       *                            *                             *

Caleb had thought that fighting against demons who used to worship God along side him would cause him to falter in fighting. But the Son had given him His strength and grace to face the demons.

Caleb couldn’t fathom why Lucifer had started a rebellion against the Almighty. Angels, from the point of creation and thereafter, were eternal beings and could not be killed. And the Trinity? They had lived for an eternity before the first angel had ever been made. And They would live for eternity after this.

First Fall Kaylee LeMaster Archangel Michael2So what was the point? To make a point, perhaps?

Caleb yelled at another demon who had tried to attack him. This was the five hundred and seventh twisted form he had fought off. They just wouldn’t give up. Well, neither would he.

A few hundred demons later, a savage cry filled the air. “This is not over!” Lucifer shrieked.“I am more powerful than any of you! I will have my revenge!!!”

And with that, the Father and Son cast Lucifer and all his followers out of Heaven. The battle was won. What is to come? Caleb wondered.

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