Free ebooks on Freebie Friday (July 18, 2014)


Free ebooks on Freebie Friday

All of the following were free ebooks at the time of this post. Please double check the price on Amazon to make sure it is still free before you purchase it.

Free ebooks


Be Right (Romans): How to Be Right with God, Yourself, and Others (The BE Series Commentary)

by Warren W. Wiersbe
Print Length: 195 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1434768473
Publisher: David C. Cook; New edition (January 1, 2010)

Every Christian desires to “be right” about their faith. How we live out our faith holds eternal significance. But in order to be right, we must know what, why, and how come we believe in Christ.

It can be argued that no book of the Bible has had a greater effect on Christianity than the book of Romans. In this classic commentary by Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe, you can refresh your own understanding of this seminal work, Paul’s masterpiece letter to the church in Rome. Dr. Wiersbe’s careful exposition of the text allows the truth to soak into your heart and mind as you read and understand these essential truths of Scripture.


Better: How Jesus Satisfies the Search for Meaning

by Tim Chaddick
Print Length: 240 pages
Publisher: David C. Cook (September 1, 2013)

“What does it take to find satisfaction? Will I ever find something in life that’s better than this?”

Most people live a life they never would have planned. The good news is that coming to the end of their expectations means they’re on the brink of great wisdom, peace, and joy. That’s what the ancient author of Ecclesiastes helps us figure out—it is quite possible to face detours and dead-ends in life and still find more satisfaction than you ever could have imagined.

Better explores the mysteries, scandalous lines, and deep truths of Ecclesiastes and applies them to life today. Better seeks to show how the questions of the heart find their answer in the person of Jesus. Here you will find a vision of life that is neither naive nor cynical, but realistic and hopeful. Because the truth is, when God answers the questions, you finally realize what is better.


Angels Watching Over Me (Shenandoah Sisters Book #1)

by Michael Phillips
Print Length: 324 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 0764227009
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers (January 1, 2003)

Book 1 of SHENANDOAH SISTERS. Two young Southern girls, one the daughter of a plantation owner and one the daughter of a slave, barely survive the onset of the Civil War and the loss of both their families. When these tragic circumstances bring them together, they join forces to discover if they can make a life for themselves.

As their preconceptions give way to experience, they gradually learn to value their contrasting and complementing strengths and skills as they face the formidable task of keeping body and soul together in the aftermath of this devastating war. But is it possible the Lord they have come to know has something bigger in mind for the plantation than either of them can imagine?


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

by Mark Twain
Print Length: 212 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1441404228

Dripping with Mark Twain’s iconic wit and wisdom, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer chronicles young Tom and his best friend Huckleberry Finn on a life-changing journey of mischief, intrigue, and excitement.


Urban Gardening: The Urban Farmer Handbook – How to Grow Beautiful Fruits, Vegetables, and Plants in Any Space (Garden Design – Learn to Grow a Garden … Small Yard, Roof Tops, Balcony, and more)

by Dane Alexander
Print Length: 34 pages

Read on to experience all the wonderful benefits of Urban Gardening.
Are you limited in space but still want to plant a garden?
Do you live in an urban area with a small back yard?
Are you motivated to improve your health by planting your own fruits, plants, and vegetables?

GREAT NEWS You can learn all that and much more in the book: Urban Gardening – The Urban Farmer Handbook – How to Grow Beautiful Fruits, Vegetables, and Plants in Any Space


Natural Remedies: No Prescription Needed – How to Heal and Protect Yourself with Natural Cures and Remedies (Herbal Home Remedies that Help Cure Sickness, Prevent Disease, and Overcome Illness)

by Aubrey Azzaro

Discover Natural Remedies That Can Help You Regain Your Health and Save Money
Ditch the prescription drugs, synthetic pills and find out why millions of people around the globe are moving towards NATURAL REMEDIES!

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Free ebooks on Freebie Friday

Free ebooks on Freebie Friday (July 11, 2014)


Free ebooks on Freebie Friday

All of the following were free ebooks at the time of this post. Please double check the price on Amazon to make sure it is still free before you purchase it.

Free ebooks


Running Scared: Fear, Worry, and the God of Rest

by Edward T. Welch
Print Length: 328 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 0978556755
Publisher: New Growth Press (October 31, 2007)

One of the haunting dilemmas of the human condition is that fear is “an inescapable feature of earthly life.” Every person who has lived on this earth has encountered fear. Tragically, for this reason our race for the good life finds us all too often “running scared.”

In his new release, Running Scared, Edward T. Welch investigates the roots of fear in the human soul and the ramifications of living in the grips of anxiety, worry, and dread. Welch encourages readers to discover for themselves that the Bible is full of beautiful words of comfort for fearful people (and that every single person is afraid of something). Within the framework of thirty topical meditations, Welch offers sound biblical theology and moment-by-moment, thoughtful encouragement for life-saving rescue in the midst of the heart and mind battlefield of rampant panic-stricken responses.


Into the Free: A Novel

by Julie Cantrell
Print Length: 370 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 078140424X
Publisher: David C. Cook (February 1, 2012)

Just a girl. The only one strong enough to break the cycle.

In Depression-era Mississippi, Millie Reynolds longs to escape the madness that marks her world. With an abusive father and a “nothing mama,” she struggles to find a place where she really belongs.

For answers, Millie turns to the Gypsies who caravan through town each spring. The travelers lead Millie to a key that unlocks generations of shocking family secrets. When tragedy strikes, the mysterious contents of the box give Millie the tools she needs to break her family’s longstanding cycle of madness and abuse.


Lion of Babylon (Audio book)

by Davis Bunn

Marc Royce works for the State Department on special assignments, most of them rather routine, until two C.I.A. operatives go missing in Iraq-kidnapped by Taliban forces bent on generating chaos in the region. Two others also drop out of sight-a high-placed Iraqi civilian and an American woman providing humanitarian aid. Are the disappearances linked?

Rumors circulate in a whirl of misinformation. Marc must unravel the truth in a covert operation requiring utmost secrecy-from both the Americans and the insurgents. But even more secret than the undercover operation is the underground dialogue taking place between sworn enemies.


The Falcon and the Sparrow

by MaryLu Tyndall
Print Length: 346 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 0991092104
Publisher: Ransom Press (October 22, 2013)

Against the European upheaval of the Napoleonic wars, a young timid lady becomes entangled in a web of intrigue. Forced to betray her own country or watch her brother die, Dominique Dawson, arrives at the London home of Admiral Randal as a governess for his son, but her real purpose is to steal valuable Admiralty documents for the French. She soon discovers, however, that she faces more enemies besides her own fear. Will Dominique find the strength she needs in God to risk the gallows and save her brother?


Death Trap (Robot Wars Book 1)

by Sigmund Brouwer
Print Length: 288 pages
Publisher: Tyndale Kids (January 23, 2009)

Set in an experimental community on Mars in the year 2039, The Robot Wars series features 14-year-old virtual reality specialist Tyce Sanders. Life on the red planet is not always easy, but it is definitely exciting. Tyce finds that the mysteries of the planet point to his greatest discovery—a new relationship with God. He talks about his growing faith and curiosity in a manner that kids can relate to as they are probably wondering some of the same things.

Each book contains two exciting adventures. In the first adventure, the Mars project is in trouble and only Tyce holds the key. In the second adventure, Tyce has discovered there may be killer aliens on the loose.


35 Family Favorite Casserole Recipes – The Quick and Easy Casseroles Collection (The Casserole Recipes and Casserole Dishes Collection)

by Pamela Kazmierczak
Print Length: 83 pages

If you are looking for some easy food recipes, casseroles are what you are looking for. Learn more about some of the most popular casserole choices such as making a chicken casserole, a beef casserole or a vegetarian casserole.

There are a total of 35 different casseroles inside this book. All of these would fall into the category of recipes for dinner, although, the leftovers would be excellent for lunch or brunch the next day.

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Free ebooks on Freebie Friday

Ecclesiastes overview: life is meaningless without God


Ecclesiastes overview


“All of life is meaningless!”

Ecclesiastes overview soap bubblesWhat’s the point of living? Like soap bubbles, life is so brief and empty. Is there any ultimate meaning to our existence?

These were the ponderings of Solomon, the wisest man on Earth, as he looked back upon his long and full life. He had it all: wine, women, wealth – none of it satisfied. He poured himself into his work, but that left him empty as well. As the days flew by, he mourned the loss of joy that accompanied the passing of his youth.

These experiences led him to make the following propositions:

  1. No labor of man in this world can render him contented, or give him true satisfaction of soul (Ecclesiastes 1:2-3).
  2. Earthly goods and possessions are so far from making us happy, that they may be even viewed as real obstacles to our ease, quiet, and tranquility of mind (Ecclesiastes 5:13).
  3. Men do not know what is truly advantageous to them; because they are either ignorant or unmindful of that which must come to pass after their death (Ecclesiastes 6:12).
    (source: Desvoeux via Adam Clarke’s commentary)

His conclusion was a seminal piece of wisdom to help us all avoid his missteps and discover true joy in life: “Remember your Creator while you are young…Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man” (Ecclesiastes 12:1, 13b).

Remember your Creator while you are young (Ecclesiastes 12:1)
(tweet that).


Author: Solomon
Date: 980 B.C.
Theme: the futility of life without God

Ch. 1-2 Wisdom and pleasure fail to satisfy
Ch. 3-5 Commerce and politics fail to satisfy
Ch. 6-8 Wealth and moderation fail to satisfy
Ch. 9-12 Finding satisfaction in the Creator


Jesus claimed that the entire Bible spoke of Him (Luke 24:44-45), so it is worth searching Ecclesiastes for “Jesus sightings”:

  • Ecclesiastes is a book for those searching for hope and meaning in life. Jesus came to Earth to give us an overflowing life (John 10:10).
  • Jesus will rescue the world from its futility (Romans 8:18-39).
  • Solomon, the son of David (Ecclesiastes 1:1-2), bemoans the vanity of life.
    Jesus, the Son of David, gives life purpose.


Ecclesiastes overview King Solomon in Old Age

  • Ecclesiastes 2:11 Then I considered all that my hands had done and the toil I had expended in doing it, and behold, all was vanity and a striving after wind, and there was nothing to be gained under the sun.
  • Ecclesiastes 3:1 For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:
  • Ecclesiastes 3:11 He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man’s heart, yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end.
  • Ecclesiastes 5:10 He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor he who loves wealth with his income; this also is vanity.
  • Ecclesiastes 11:1 Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days.


  • I can’t get no satisfaction – everything in life leaves you empty apart from God (Ecclesiastes 2:11).
  • Keeping up with the Jonses – a life of envy is purposeless (Ecclesiastes 4:4).
  • Enjoy life as a gift – take joy in the life God has given me. Instead of chasing pleasure, receive each blessing with thankfulness as a gift from a loving Father (Ecclesiastes 3:13; Ecclesiastes 5:18).
  • Always give 100% - find something good to do, then give it all I’ve got (Ecclesiastes 9:10).
  • Don’t wait until I’m old – don’t waste another day: live for God now (Ecclesiastes 12:1).


  • The name of God (Yahweh) is mentioned over three dozen times in this short book. The word “vanity” (empty, meaningless) occurs 38 times. The phrase, “under the sun,” appears 29 times, referring to the entire scope of our earthly existence.
  • Ecclesiastes 12:1-7 contains a poetic and humorous description of the travail of old age.
  • The name of this blog, “No End to Books,” comes from Ecclesiastes 12:12, “Of the making of books there is no end.”
  • The Peter Seeger song “Turn, Turn, Turn,” made famous in the 1960s by The Byrds, is nearly verbatim from Ecclesiastes 3.


(Ecclesiastes overview recommended resources)


Have you discovered the meaning of life?

(Ecclesiastes overview follow up question)

Louis Zamperini, Hero of Unbroken book, dies at 97


Unbroken book Louis Zamperini

Louis Zamperini, Hero of Unbroken book, dies at 97

On July 2, 2014, America mourned the passing of a true hero: Louis Zamperini – Olympian, WWII POW, Christian, patriot and motivational speaker. His life story inspired Laura Hillenbrand to write her 2010 bestseller, Unbroken, and is also the basis of an upcoming movie directed by Angelina Jolie.

Unbroken book Louis Zamperini OlympianZamperini grew up in Southern California where his exploits at track won him a spot on the American delegation to the 1936 Olympic games in Berlin, where a blazing fast final lap in a 5K race (on his way to an eighth place finish) attracted the notice of even Adolf Hitler.

Answering the call of his country, he became a bombardier in the South Pacific where he survived a harrowing plane crash, enduring 47 days at sea in a raft and years of torture at the hands of the Japanese. His life immediately after the war was beset by PTSD, alcohol, and a deep bitterness.

In 1949, his marriage on the verge of divorce, Louis attended a Billy Graham crusade where he was miraculously transformed through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Gone were the bitterness, alcoholism and night terrors.

Unbroken book Louis Zamperini veteranHe soon began touring the world as a motivational speaker with a message of forgiveness. His first trips were to Japanese prisons to meet with some of his former torturers and other war criminals, and offer them forgiveness and even a hug. His life demonstrated a gospel of unconditional love.

Zamperini’s fame as an Olympian and WWII hero/POW provided him with ample opportunities to share how God had changed his life. Now, as he has gone to his reward, we have to privilege of honoring and remembering his extraordinary life, not only through the book Unbroken, but also through the subsequent movie release, expected in December of 2014.

May his tribe increase. Who will now stand up and take his place to carry the standard of forgiveness and the power of God’s unconditional love to a desperate, bitter, and war-torn world?


Unbroken BOOK


How do the stories of heroes such as Louis Zamperini inspire you in your life?

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